Looking to find a new way to bring excitement to your next school function? Need to raise money for your company’s upcoming military ball? Need something new and unique to motivate and reward your students or fund the next school prom? Looking for a way to attract more kids to your youth group? Or want something that will blow everyones mind at the next company Christmas party? Not really into video games but love UFC fights or a big football fan? Hawaii Game Truck is the answer!

Those young and old will flock to our state of the art video game theater! We come to your school or church or other location and provide hours of gaming fun for kids of all ages. Up to 28 gamers can play numerous games while our friendly staff hosts the fun. Worried about game ratings? Don’t! When you book, you select games that reflect the appropriate age range for your guests.

Our trained staff knows how to keep the fun and excitement moving. If you are concerned about the number of kids in attendance, don’t be! We know how to rotate our guests at different intervals so everyone has a great time.

Everyone will be impressed by our state of the art Hawaii Game Truck. With No expense spared, we are by far the most prestigious mobile game theater in Hawaii. We have the latest games, comfortable vibrating seating, sound activated disco ball to get your party rocking, strobe lighting, high tech video and sound and seven giant LED TVs. Our mobile video game theater is completely self-contained and climate controlled so the party can happen rain or shine.

Depending on the event, Hawaii Game Truck can make appearances at your fundraiser at discounted rates so that we can be a part of a better community.

There are a couple of different options available to maximize your fundraising dollars or help offset the cost of your event:

Guests Pay

Use our service as a means to draw patrons to your event. Our truck is flashy, and will definitely turn heads and draw a crowd. We set the price of tickets and our staff keeps the party rolling and rotates players for certain time limits (i.e. $5 for 20 min of play). We keep all profits from players, but you get a lot of attention, and a much bigger turn out from us showing up. And most likely, while the kids are occupied playing video games with us, their parents, your target audience, will get your full attention and often their donations to your fund raiser.

You Pay

Throwing a company party or a school carnival and want to offset the cost? Use our service as an incentive or reward for fundraisers or as a part of a flat-fee admission. Our staff keeps the event rolling and rotate players based on # of minutes you determine (i.e. 10 minutes). You pay us in advance for the number of hours you want us there. For Public schools we offer a 20% discount. For non profit charities, and military fundraisers, we offer a 15% discount. You set the price of tickets, and you keep all profits from the ticket sales.

Tournament Style Event

This option is by far the most popular and usually most profitable. If you have a large event with many people and you want to keep them entertained or help you raise money, we have a lot of experience in this area. We can set our trailer up to rotate players in tournament style for specified minute intervals. It’s great fun, because the winner stays in the trailer, and as each new group comes in, they try to “unseat the champ!”
The entire crowd feels as if they’re playing in one big game against each other and we’ve had great success with this “big event” format. Don’t worry about the size of your group. We will keep them enjoying the fun, and if they are buying tickets to benefit your cause, they typically jump out to buy more tickets to “keep on playing!” (Halo is a great game for tournament style gaming, with all gamers competing against one another, timed matches, and one winner at the end of each match. Mario Kart is another fun game for tournaments, for those who want to stay away from war games, keeping in mind that you would have four winners, rather than one.)

We can set up our trailer and allow people to rotate through our trailer match by match. Each time a guest enters, they must have a ticket sold by you or your organization to help raise money.
Example: Tickets are sold for $2/each. We can rotate 20 players inside and 8 players outside at once for 10 minute intervals.
28 players X $2/player = $56 every 10 minutes. A 4-hour event could raise up to $1,344 with only a $2 ticket cost! You set the price of the ticket… and watch the results add up!

This beats bake sales by a long shot. Our truck has been a great way for military companies to raise money for their balls, families to raise money to cover the cost of medical bills for sick children, and churches and schools to raise money for supplies and funds.


Looking for a way to reward your employees? Planning a grand opening and would like to draw a crowd? Hosting a Christmas Party? Having an off-site sale? Bring Hawaii Game Truck the most prestigious mobile video game theater in Hawaii, to your office parking lot or off-site location for hours of stress-free, unique fun. Your colleagues and customers will be impressed with the innovative design of our video game theater. It will be a memorable event – one they will talk about for years to come.

Planning a family reunion and wondering how you are going to keep all those kids entertained? Kids will flock to Hawaii Game Truck and our Game Masters will make sure they are entertained and the party keeps going!

We have the largest video game theater around with 7 gaming stations and the ability to have up to 28 playing at the same time. When you book your party, you select games that reflect the appropriate age range for your participants.

If your crowd isn’t much into video games, book us for an upcoming UFC fight night, Super Bowl or other upcoming sporting event. Hawaii Game Truck is equipped with cable TV and we are a big hit for fight nights.


Schools can invite Hawaii Game Truck to come in one day and treat kids to time in the mobile game theater for rewards for great school work, grades, projects or class bonding — we have educational titles! Plus, we offer 20% off to all public schools.

We are dedicated to being charitable in many ways. Not everyone has access to these types of games and a couple hours with us could really brighten some smiles. If you are in charge of a charitable organization, contact us for details.