What is Hawaii Game Truck?

Hawaii Game Truck is a mobile game theater, meaning, it is a trailer, that has been decked out, no expense spared, to hold up to 20 players comfortably inside. Gamers play all of the latest and greatest games on five giant LED TVs on either Wii, Play Station, or Xbox game systems in a clean, safe, climate controlled limousine style game theater. We also feature two more additional screens attached to the trailer, under an awning, on the outside, so eight additional players can play outside the trailer. So potentially, up to 28 players can be playing at one time. The outside TVs are great for interactive games that require a lot of movement. Dance party games tend to be a big hit on the outside screens.
Not only does our truck feature the most popular games, and latest game systems on giant TVs, but we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry with no expense spared. With parent viewing monitors, special neon and black lighting, a sound activated disc ball to get your party rocking, glow in the dark undercarriage lights, strobe lighting, side lights, a custom seat bench with vibrating seats, state of the art surround sound speaker system, and cable TV for UFC fights, Chick Flick Movie nights and Super Bowl parties. Our truck is truly the Cadillac of game trucks, and a first class experience, being by far the most prestigious game truck in Hawaii.

Will the kids know what to do?

That’s why we bring our Game Masters! They have been hand picked for their warm personalities, and video game knowledge. They have had extensive background checks and have clean driving records. We are parents too, and safety is a huge priority for us too. Our Game Masters will help the kids get set up, instruct them in how to play, make them laugh, keep things calm and organized and make sure no one is left out and everyone gets a turn. We make sure it’s the ultimate game party of the year!


What if my guests arrive late?

Guests are notorious for being late. We recommend that you plan for us to be there at least thirty minutes to and hour after your original planned party time. This way none of your game truck time is wasted. We have to adhere to a strict schedule and we are often booked with back to back events.

How many people can the Hawaii Game Truck hold?

Hawaii Game Truck can hold up to 20 players comfortably inside our climate controlled trailer and our 2 large outside screens can entertain another 4 players each. So 28 total players can potentially play at one time.
If you are planning a party with a large guest list and are worried about everyone being able to play, just let us know and we will plan to rotate your guests at the event when the need arises.

Is there an age restrictions for gamers?

While people can start gaming at a very young age, we ask that our attendees be able to take direction from our Game Master. We will do a party for 5 year olds as long as there are parents or older siblings helping inside the theater during the party, otherwise we recommend parties for kids 7 years old and up.
We are parents first and business owners second, so we understand the need to monitor what games young kids are allowed to play. When booking a party, feel free to request your child’s favorite games, and also note which types of games (i.e. “no war games”) or which ratings are off limits.

Is it really worth it?

We believe that children’s birthdays are special milestones they will remember fondly or painfully many years later, and should be celebrated and cherished. They only get one childhood, and why not make them feel special and let them impress their friends, and count down to their party date, with the same excitement and anticipation they had awaiting Santa Claus on Christmas morning? Our motto is, “make their birthdays extraordinary rather than ordinary”.
We also believe you get what you pay for when it comes to your child’s party experience. We aren’t the cheapest in the industry, but we are by far the best. We have spared no expense with our Hawaii Game Truck. When we decided to bring the Hawaii Game Truck to our wonderful Aloha state, we wanted to be the best in the business and be able to provide happiness, excitement, and joy to those who request our service. We provide you and your guests with the very best game truck in the business. When we started our company we wanted to be known as the Cadillac of the industry by providing the ultimate experiences for your kids, friends, families or co-workers. View our pictures and you will see why! Although our price is usually just a few dollars more you always will get so much more including, all of the most popular games, not just one type of game system, but the latest Xbox, Wii and Playstation systems to choose from, outside parent viewing monitors, a sound activated disco ball turning it into an instant party, glow in the dark undercarriage lights, strobe lighting, side lights, custom seat bench with vibrating seats, top of the line surround sound systems, and too many add-ons to list. Our Game Truck truly is a gamer’s limousine style first class experience.

How can Hawaii Game Truck be used as a fund raiser?

If you have a large event with many people and you want to keep them entertained or help you raise money, we have a lot of experience in this area. We can set our trailer up to rotate players in tournament style for specified minute intervals. It’s great fun, because the winner stays in the trailer, and as each new group comes in, they try to “unseat the champ!”
The entire crowd feels as if they’re playing in one big game against each other and we’ve had great success with this “big event” format. Don’t worry about the size of your group. We will keep them enjoying the fun, and if they are buying tickets to benefit your cause, they typically jump out to buy more tickets to “keep on playing!” (Halo is a great game for tournament style gaming, with all gamers competing against one another, timed matches, and one winner at the end of each match. Mario Kart is another fun game for tournaments, for those who want to stay away from war games, keeping in mind that you would have four winners, rather than one.)

We can set up our trailer and allow people to rotate through our trailer match by match. Each time a guest enters, they must have a ticket sold by you or your organization to help raise money.
Example: Tickets are sold for $2/each. We can rotate 28 players in at once for 10-minute intervals.
28 players X $2/player = $56 every 10 minutes. A 4-hour event could raise up to $1,344 with only a $2 ticket cost! You set the price of the ticket… and watch the results add up!
This beats bake sales by a long shot. Our truck has been a great way for military companies to raise money for their balls, families to raise money to cover the cost of medical bills for sick children, and churches and schools to raise money for supplies and funds. Please see the Charities and Fundraisers tab to see specific discounts for Hawaii public schools and how we can help give back.

Do I need a permit to have my event at the park?

Yes! You do!

So book at least 3 weeks before any event held in the park, just to be safe!

You can call the Parks Permit Office at (808)768-3440.

Office hours are 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays. 

First, call the parks permit office or the park you wish to inquire about for availability.

Next, complete and submit an “Application for Use of Park Facilities” form NO LATER THAN three weeks prior to the date you wish to use the facility.

Make sure that the park director of that park has approved the activity you are requesting.

The forms can be obtained at any park or at the Parks Permit Office at 650 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

After your form has been received and processed you will be notified to pick up your permit at the Parks Permit Office.

You can make any required deposits and fees at that time, personal checks are preferred.

Deposit checks will be deposited into the City Treasury. If your event did not cause any damage to the site of your event and you have removed all trash generated by your event, you will be reimbursed the amount of your deposit in six to eight weeks after your event.

A City Treasury check will be issued and mailed to the person and address on the Park Use Permit.


What areas do you cover?

Right now we serve all of Oahu. We have a truck in the works, soon to cover the island of Maui. If booking a party in a high traffic area during rush hour, there may be an added fuel charge, or if possible, we may need to adjust your time slot to accommodate for traffic. We pride ourselves on being punctual and dependable, but as anyone living on Oahu knows, traffic can be a big problem, so keep that in mind when planning the time and location of your event.

What games do you have?

We carry a fairly comprehensive selection of the latest and most popular video games ranging from E to M in ratings. You are welcome to request a favorite game, if we don’t already have it, we will do our best to find it and have it ready for your party or event. Video games in general and especially in this type of setting are meant to be a social gaming experience so most of our games are multi-player games. Some can be linked together for an even more competitive and social gaming experience.

Do we need to supervise the party?

Yes, and No. Our truck is top of the line, and will leave your kids wowed and busy playing all of the latest and greatest games. A two or three hour party will go by, without you having to lift a finger, while still being told afterward that “it was the best birthday party ever!”
A favorite feature for parents is that it is also equipped with state of the art cameras, so from the comfort of your home, a park, or the beach, you check in and see all the fun going on inside. This gives parents the ability to sit back and relax without chaos in their homes, while still supervising the party going on inside the truck.
You are more than welcome to come inside the Hawaii Game Truck and enjoy all the fun it has to offer. However, unless you have children under five years old playing, it is typically not necessary to have supervision inside the truck. We do ask that the party host remains in the general area during our stay.

What if it rains?

Since our game truck theaters are fully enclosed, insulated, and climate controlled environment, rain is never an issue and we will still show up for your party/event. Rain or shine, we guarantee an amazing experience.

Are food and beverages allowed inside?

We do not allow food or drink inside of the trailer. Food and drinks while playing on the outside TVs is not a problem. But for us to be the most prestigious Game Truck in Hawaii, we need to maintain a clean, safe, fresh smelling and fully functioning Game Truck at all times. This way you are assured that the bachelor party that booked us the night before your child’s first birthday party, didn’t leave our truck dirty and smelling like a bar, and you have the peace of mind knowing that any time you book us, you will be getting a clean, safe, first class experience.

How much space do you need?

Our Hawaii Game Truck requires approximately 60 feet of level space. However we must have additional space to easily pull in and out. This is usually the length of 4-5 cars. We will not unhook our trailer at anytime to fit into a smaller space nor do we back into tough parking spots, drive through narrow gates or long driveways that could put the driver/truck at any risk.

What if we don’t have room for the Hawaii Game Truck in our driveway?

We require at least 60 feet of fairly level space for parking, plus some room to pull in and out. Although our drivers are skilled we prefer to pull straight into the allotted space, parallel parking a trailer is just not realistic. If your street is narrow and/or we will not have the room to turn around please notify us beforehand. Most homes in Hawaii and most neighborhood streets don’t have the 60 feet of space needed for our truck. Not to fear. We are self contained, so we can setup anywhere there is level parking; any beach with a paved parking lot (sorry we cannot set up in the sand), your home, public parks, businesses, pools, schools, sports fields, churches, community centers, etc. Whatever location you get permission to host the party, we will show up.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made 14 or more days prior to an event will not incur any cancellation charge and will be given first priority to reschedule.
Cancellations made less than 14 days in advance will still be charged the deposit. Anything that has been paid in addition to that, will be refunded.

Do I have to pay for the party in advance?

A $100 deposit required to reserve your event date. Full payment is required 7 days in advance. You as the party host are required to pay the remainder of your balance at the party. We will only show up if we have been paid the deposit for your event.

Is it required to tip the Game Master?

While tipping is never required, it is always appreciated if you feel our GameMaster has done a great job for your party or event. Customers often ask, “How much of a tip should we give?” Most customers will tip between 10-20% of the total invoice.

Should I be concerned with the type of games the kids are playing?

Upon booking your party, please let us know your concerns and we will address them on an individual basis. You shouldn’t have to be the bad guy, so we will make inappropriate games unavailable. Just let us know “no war games” or “no games rated M” and we will make sure our Game Masters enforce your guidelines.

Do you do anything special for the birthday child?

Of course! Watching a child’s face light up and their eyes widen when they see our Hawaii Game Truck arrive and open its doors is what we live for. Children are only little once, and birthdays should be magical. They should feel special and excited and proud to impress their guest on their special day. Every birthday child will receive a complimentary Hawaii Game Truck LED medallion at the party.

Can we book our event on a holiday?

We are happy to accommodate your party or event on most holidays, however, we believe in family first and business second, so we do not require our Game Masters to work on Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas unless they choose to. If you do want to book an event on a major holiday, please call for special pricing, or check under our promotions tab for current holiday rates.

How much time do you need to set up?

We will arrive twenty to thirty minutes before your event starts to set up. Guests will not be allowed inside the Game Truck until we are fully set up, all documentation has been signed, and all guests have been instructed on the rules of entering the game truck. We will make sure you get the full 2, 3 or 4 hours of playing time you paid for, and our set up and clean up afterward will not take away from your actual playing time.

What if uninvited guests show up and we have too many guests?

There will be no extra charge, but be aware that up to 28 guests can play at a time depending on the number of players per the type of game the guests are playing. So if you are unsure of you exact head count and are worried you may have more guests than our truck can accommodate at one time, its is wise to book some of our party extras, that will keep additional guests entertained and busy while they are waiting their turn in the game truck. If you are hosting your party in a public place, like on the beach for example, we will issue wristbands to all of your guests, so only those wearing wristbands will allowed to enter and be able to play in the Game Truck.

What if our guests are wet and sandy from the beach?

We pride ourselves on having the nicest, cleanest and most prestigious game truck in Hawaii. If you are planning a birthday party or event at the beach, please ask your guests to wait to swim until after the game truck has left, otherwise they will only be allowed to play on the outside screens. Anyone wet or really sandy will not be allowed in the truck. That way we aren’t sending you a cleaning bill after the party.